Friday, December 02, 2005

Alterations to lineation

Alterations to lineation

THE following list records this edition's changes to the Folio's printing of verse lines, as well as emendations adopted by previous editors but rejected by this edition in favour of the Folio's arrangement. It does not cite every attempt at recordering the play's verse, or instances of short lines shared by two speakers that editors combine as single verse-lines (since the Folio never follows the modern practice of indenting the second half of a divided line to indicate this). All Folio entries appear in original spelling.


THIS is a selective index to words and expressions explained in the Commentary, and to names and original works mentioned throughout the edition. It excludes biblical quotations, proverbs and classical allusions. A group entry, `productions' is subheaded according to director, place or company, and date (e.g. Hands, RSC (1977)). An asterisk indicates a note that supplements information given in the Oxford English Dictionary.

(Henry IV Part Three, The Oxford Paperback Shakespeare)


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