Tuesday, January 01, 2008


媽媽阿四, 馬太留言:

You should seriously think about building C's resume/Portfolio. I offer my sage advice…


1. Language
The more obscure, the better. Suggest Estonian or Finnish.



2. Sports
Again, the smaller the niche, the greater chance of success. Fencing skills in a toddler would impress most kindergarten interview committee members.



3. Volunteer work
Candidates need to demonstrate an obligation to the community. Youtube footage of laundry is a good start.



And for you, mama 4, I suggest you learn Tae Kwon Do. You never know when it would be helpful when struggling with another candidate’s parent.


怒火日誌, 兩台聯播友誼賽:

Daryl: "It's a foul!"
嗲噢說: 茅波!

Daryl: "Now back off 10 yards and I'll bend it like Beckham."
嗲噢說: 家陣退後10碼, 等我拉腳靚波過你睇

Ryan: "Are you alright? Sorry for the tackle. Ref, don't book me for this!"
歪仁: 你無事丫嘛? 唔好意思呀. 球證大佬, 高抬貴手丫.

Ryan: "Ref, I said don't book me! I'll give you all the milk powder I have."
歪仁: 球證大佬, 我話高抬貴手丫...最多俾晒D奶粉你丫.

Ryan: "Ref!"
歪仁: 球證大佬

Daryl: "Ryan, this is the key to the ref's locker and you can take away his yellow card and red card. You can take away his clothes as well. You may also find some pacifiers as well. I heard that the refs suck them, among other othings, really well."
嗲噢: 歪仁, 呢條係球證個LOCKER 匙, 你走去拎鬼晒佢D黃牌紅牌咁啦, 攞埋佢D衫都重得. 丫, LOCKER入面可能有奶咀添呀. 聽講個球證好鬼中意啜架.

Ryan: "Got it."
歪仁: 接住

Daryl: "Let's play ball!"
嗲噢: 踢番場丫

Daryl: "Oh yeah!"
嗲噢: 正!